Meet Roman

Roman is the head designer and owner of Landscape 2000. He was born in St. Gallen, Switzerland and trained at Uzwil. He apprenticed in Switzerland before immigrating to Canada.

In 1979 Roman founded Landscape 2000, a boutique landscape project established to create unique personalized outdoor spaces for clients.

Roman’s in situ appraisal procedure looks at the whole site for orientation of natural and artificial light sources, noise sources, soil attributes, naturally occurring rock and stone are options. He is then able to informatively consult clients, collaborate with them and offer options.

Roman’s well-established customized landscaping business offers services such as:

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Before and After
Water Features
Stone Work
before and after
water features
stone work

Driveways and Walk Ways
Lawns and Plantings
Stairs and Steps
driveways and walk ways
lawns and plantings
stairs and steps