Stairs and Steps

Landscape steps can be created using many different paving materials. Brick, bluestone treads, stone risers, concrete pavers and many others can be used. Outdoor steps might be incorporated into a walkway design where they are necessary to lessen the steepness of the walk. There might be a raised patio where a transition is required to get to a lower or upper level. Landscape steps can also be used for easier access along a steep area. Roman studies the area surrounding the home to determine the most appropriate way to drain water away from the house and off the property. Steps are used to provide stability to inclines while making every area of the yard accessible.

Stairs and steps bridge outdoor and indoor spaces as well as different areas in yard. Stone stairs are also a great way to transition between levels in a sloped yard and a stone stairway is the ideal complement to your stone driveway, sidewalk or patio.

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